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You are a ball and you need to make your way through a set of increasingly challenging blocks. Your goal is to get as far as possible with minimal touch on each block. But be careful, because once you hit one, it’s game over! Keep your eyes on the ball at all times to avoid getting hit by obstacles or other balls. Use your knowledge of vector math to plan out your routes and shoot for the high score! You can play against the computer or yourself using either single player or multiplayer mode. Whether you're a solo wolf seeking higher ground or a team of geckos fighting for position above the roar of battle, playing ball has never been more fun. 

Merge, 2048, as a game. It’s impossible to think about the number 2048 alone. The … A game of merging two or more numbers is called a "game" or " Merge ", and you've probably already learned about it in school. For example, imagine that you have to write down the results of some multiplication problem…You would take your calculator and do it without thinking: 7 * 5 = 35. But then you’d realize that you could just take your pencil and make a new addition – adding another 2 to each number! And this is how games work too: They can be tricky but also very simple at the same time. 

How To Play Ball 2048!

Using Mouse

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