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BALL RUNNER is an arcade-like running game with a difference! It features two modes of play. In Slope Multiplayer, players control teams of two to battle it out on a giant, 3D playing field. Each team must take turns by moving their ball up and down a single, flat hill while opposing teams try to stop them from reaching the bottom by racing against them in the race to the top. In Arcade Mode, players control individual balls and face off against each other either head-to-head or in small teams of three. The object is simple; score as many points as you can by combining your balls of the same color and avoid crashing into your opponent's

Are you a baller? Test your skills in this fun three-on-three basketball game! Play against friends, schoolmates or the CPU in single or multiplayer matches. Using either the classic controls or a real-time strategy (RTS) approach, take down your opponents by dribbling the ball past them and/or passing it to teammates. If you’re good enough, you could very well become the new No. 1! 

How To Play Slope Multiplayer

Using Mouse

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