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You are the runner in this game. You need to get as far as possible with your falling ball. Don’t let it hit the ground or you’ll lose. Avoid the obstacles and try to get as far as you can! Controls: Use your arrow keys to run and space bar to jump. ^^ Controls are for iPhone/Android only. Played 90,238 times. Categories: Arcade, Falling Ball, 3d, Runner, Ball, s Tags: Running, Falling Game Related Downloads Arcade Games Mochi Drops - Find and Collect Valentine's Notchies People Who Loved This Game Also Liked: SnakeMania Snake Mania is an action packed arcade style snake game where the player has to redirect bouncing snakes into matching Fibonacci sequence based cupids by making sure that there are at least two snakes in a row going through an obstacle before they hit the end of the line and cause a segmentation error. The player must guide a group of bouncing snakes around obstacles in order to form a line that will cause the opposing team (that includes dogs, wizards and monkeys) to segmentate into their respective attributes (dog = man, monkey = fruit etc.) along with each other until there are no more fruits or men left standing on Earth.

Have you ever wanted to play bowling with computer-controlled opponents? If your answer is no, then this game is for you. FALLING BALL is a 3D Runner, Bowl and AI Sports Game in which you take on the role of a bowler trying to hit a falling ball into a designated target zone. The bowling game has three different modes: Bowling Adventure: You start off as an amateur who doesn’t have any experience at all. Your task is to get a high score by playing through various levels and winning against various opponents. Bowling Challenge: You are given several goals and each time you complete one, your ranking gets higher. Bowling Master: You must aim to clear all ten pins within the specified time limit or else your ranking will go down accordingly. What's New in This Release: - Bug fixes User Reviews

The Falling Ball game is played with three or more players on a foot-operated slipper machine. You take it in turns to shoot a falling ball into the other players’ cups at the other end of the bar. If you hit someone’s cup and their score goes up, their ball falls down towards them; if you hit it, your score goes up. The first person to reach zero points is the winner. 

How To Play Falling Ball

Using Mouse

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