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Which racing game is the most fun? Kart racers instantly answer these questions with an overwhelmingly positive answer. It's simple, Kart racing games are some of the best. LC FASTEST! is no exception to that rule. Here’s why: Each kart has a distinct speed, handling and acceleration curve. As you race others or your own karts, you will learn which ones feel right for you and what kind of feedback you need to make turns or pass other racers. Now that you know, let’s get into this game.

The game is set in the future, where human civilization has been transformed through the use of advanced artificial intelligence known as "Elkgames". These games have been created to simulate real life situations such as military combat and medical procedures. The only problem is once these Elkgames start to play out, they end up causing more problems than they're

Addictive racing game in which you have to drive as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles. Drive without thinking and feel the momentary panic that comes over you when you hit an obstacle or fail to react quickly. 

How To Play Heartlake Rush

Using Mouse

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