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Have you ever dreamed of staying alive in the apocalypse? Would you like to face different kinds of zombies as they come out at night, and try to escape from them? Well, this game is just for you. This game will let you do just that. The zombies are on the move again and they are coming your way. As a survivor, your only concern now is how long can you hold them off before they reach your base? Time is running out people so it's time to act! In this apllicte type arcade zombie game, your main objective is to stay alive but are you ready for the challenge?! As we mentioned earlier, the zombies are on the move again and they are coming your sooner or later. In case you don’t know where they are coming from or what kind of creatures they are yet, then read on further because we have some shocking news for you.

Have you ever seen the Alien films? No? Don’t worry you have probably seen elements of them in some form. The invasion has been coming for a long time but it will be here soon. The Aliens are coming and they are not happy campers. They are determined, organized and ready to do what it takes to take over the world. They will attack with everything they have and when they do, there is going to be a lot of damage done. You need to escape from them before it is too late! In this alien escape game you will need to make use of your wits and logic in order to stay alive. 

The aliens are on their way and they are coming in force! You are the last hope of humanity. You have to hold them back at all costs, but where do you start? There's no time to waste. Grab your best friends and family and get ready for one of the biggest battles of all time. You can’t just sit there while they take over your planet. It’s up to you to push back the alien threat. 

How To Play They Are Coming

Using Mouse

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