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Slope game is a game developed and published by One pear. The game is set in futuristic space, with a 3D racing track, combining a classic feel with surreal high-tech elements.

What is a Slope game?

A Slope game is a type of board game that involves rolling dice and moving pieces on a board as the dice roll around. The most basic version of a slope game is when a player rolls a die and moves one piece for every space the die lands. In some games, the die is rolled multiple times, with each roll resulting in one or more different actions.

There are also slope games where players control multiple pieces on their board at once, or where players can move different types of pieces together to form combinations or chains. These types of games are often called combo games or hybrid games. Slope games have been around for centuries, but they have only recently become popular due to the growing popularity of tabletop gaming and the increased availability of digital versions of them. They can be played by people of all ages and skill levels, though they are most likely to appeal to younger children and beginners.

There are many different variations of this concept. One variation is called "hill climbing", which is played without obstacles, but still requires players to make their way up steep hills or mountains. Another variation is called "golf slalom", where golf clubs (or other clubs) are used instead of sleds or snowboards to navigate through a course while trying to keep their shots on target. Most slope games have rules against any type of cheating, though some allow for it under certain circumstances. It's also important to note that these games can be physically demanding and can cause injuries if not played safely and responsibly.

Players will have to move a ball as far as possible and overcome red obstacles on the way to achieve the highest score. The speed of the ball will increase the longer the player holds the ball.
With simple gameplay and high-speed gameplay, the Slope game will bring players entertainment and challenges.
You can improve your reflexes while unwinding with Slope Run. It is appropriate for everyone, but especially for kids and families.

Features of the Slope game

When participating in the game, people will be attracted by the eye-catching graphic design the 3D design that feels like a futuristic space with neon colors. In addition, the slopes and obstacles are constantly changing, becoming more and more difficult and unpredictable. This is what makes the game so attractive and addictive.

Not only that, but the game also has a leaderboard, allowing players to see their score ranking.

Slope game allows players to play games in full-screen mode giving players a better feeling when playing games. Another point that makes the Slope game attract a huge number of players is that the game has no age limit. Thanks to the simple gameplay, players of all ages can play.

How to play Slope?

Where can players play the Slope game?

People can play the game on the website slope, or can also download them to their mobile phones. Slope game is now available on Android and IOS platforms. 


Left arrow = Move Left

Right arrow = Move Right

You can see the video for more details

Tips to get a high score

Choose the correct mode.

There are two game modes available in Slope Run: Endless mode and Normal mode. When playing in Endless mode, there is no finish line and you keep going until you make a mistake. In contrast, when playing in Normal mode, you are given shorter laps down the slope and the difficulty gets harder each time you successfully deliver the ball to the finish line.

Try to stay in the middle

As you move down the slope, make an effort to always stay in the middle of the track. The track gets narrower and more twisty as you travel further along, and you'll find that you're spending more time in space, which might be challenging. Remaining in the middle of the track will lessen your chance of making a mistake that will stop your run right away.

Flying through the air

As you slide down the slope, if you hit a round or triangle object, you will be propelled into the air far above the ground. When this occurs, time will seem to slow down a bit and you will be able to see the route in front of you, where it is essential that you plan your landing location and make a plan for the impending challenges.


You may sometimes see arrows that resemble road signs pointing in a certain way as you down the slope. These are boosters, and as soon as you cross them, your ball will accelerate quickly, allowing you to jump over multiple barriers and advance to the finish line. Use these boosters whenever you see them and form combinations by stepping on two boosters consecutively to accelerate your ball's descent down the slope even more.

Collect Diamonds

Diamonds are the sole available in-game currency in Slope Run, and gathering them as you slide down the slope will let you advance through the missions and stages and unlock new balls. Diamonds are uncommon, so anytime you spot one, you should change direction and aim for it. Keep in mind that it will be more difficult for you to shift directions the faster you move.

The spinning wheel

The Spinning Wheel can be found in the top left corner of the screen, and you should spin it whenever you get the chance since doing so will either let you receive a bag of diamonds or unlock a new ball. Even though you are only permitted to make one spin each hour, you can get a bonus spin by watching video advertising.

Save your progress

Just before crossing the finish line, if you make a mistake and fall into the abyss, Slope Run will question you if you want to keep going. The sole prerequisite to being able to do this, however, is to view a video advertisement that will last about 20 seconds. This will allow you to continue your run at the point where you made the error.


Slope game is an endless space run game. With simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics, the game will bring readers entertainment when playing. At the same time, the game also enhances the player's observation and reflexes when having to overcome difficult, unexpected, and unpredictable obstacles. This will be a fascinating game for those who love speed games.

Typically, slope games are played by children ages 4–12 who are quite physically fit and coordinated. There are typically six people playing at once (two per slope), but game play can be adapted for as many or few players as desired by making more than two slopes or


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