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The Woods are full of interesting things. Some are even hidden in plain sight. In the Woods, anything is possible if you have the courage and cunning to solve the puzzle. Search for clues, decode messages, and explore traps as you go in search of your missing friend! This is a new game by Tower Switchle Studios - Adventure Games. If you like Action-Adventure Games, Hidden Object Games, Point & Click Adventure Games or Puzzle Games then this game is just made for you! The game has many different kinds of puzzles that will test everything from your spatial awareness to your ability to follow directions. 

When you first start playing Tower Quest, you are going to be very confused about what to do. The game plays itself, so there’s not a lot of hand-holding here. However, there are a few hints that will help you along the way. ^^ The goal of each level is simple: Build towers as high as possible while protecting your base from harm. You can attack your enemies by placing cannons at the top of your tower and firing missiles when an enemy approaches. In order to build higher towers, you must acquire new materials. 

Today we will see how to make the Tower Switchle game with HTML5, JS, and WebGL. This is a nice little arcade game, where you have to shoot the ball upward, while avoiding enemies that fall from above. The goal is to reach the top of the tower by shooting balls upwards. Hitting enemies or bumping into walls will decrease your score and reset it back to 0. 

How To Play Tower Switchle

Using Mouse

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