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Your goal is to fly as high as possible, avoiding deadly obstacles. Collect points by flying and avoiding obstacles. – Simple? Try again! In Air Rush, your skills as a pilot are put to the test as you navigate through intense air battles, mastering difficult obstacle courses, and much more. Compete with friends inFree Roaming mode, or challenge yourself against challenging new levels and game modes that were only available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad prior to release. 

Are you ready to hit the road in an adventure like no other? Drive your car while avoiding obstacles in the road! Can you make it through the city with only one life? This game is a simple and easy to play. Your goal is to drive as fast as you can through the city without hitting any obstacles, avoiding any police cars or driving into other vehicles. How long can you last without getting caught by the police? 

Your name is Walter and you're an ordinary guy who lives a happy life with his parents, sister and brother. However, one day your life takes an exciting turn when your family is visited by aliens from the future who offer to take you back in time to stop a comet from crashing into Earth. 

How To Play Jet Rush

Using Mouse

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