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It’s that time of the year again. The Blob has reappeared and this time it isn’t alone. Christmas is also a time when people use their computers to listen to music, paint pictures, or read books. It’s also a time when people are probably playing games or watching videos on their computers. So what if you get an Xbox One or a PS4? You can still play some games on your computer this Christmas! No matter what system you have, here are some great games that you can play on your computer no matter what type of machine you

The Blob is an enemy in many games. It's a blob of color that constantly regenerates, and it often shows up as the vilest monsters imaginable (The Blob in Jiggie Land). Now, this isn't exactly true; The Blob is sometimes a useful ally. But its presence is almost always accompanied by foulness of some sort. If you're looking for a casual game that doesn’t require technical knowledge or specific skills, play Blob Opera

Blob Opera, is a game inspired by the Blob Effect. You see, the world is filled with blue balls of goo. These blobs can move all over the place, but they are slowly but surely eating themselves away, until there’s nothing left but a few spheres of clear blue liquid. Sounds eerie and interesting at the same time don’t you think? This game is created to help you relax and lighten up on a Friday night. 

How To Play Blob Opera

Using Mouse

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