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If you’re looking for an intense, yet casual game that will have you jumping around the room, playing Tunnel 3D is the perfect choice. It’s Easy to start, but hard to put down. The fun starts when you realize how much time is actually being spent in this game. It’s easy to play and hard to master. Don’t let the simple controls fool you; this game requires a lot of strategy and concentration as well as timing and precision. You don’t want to make any distractions that could stop your team from reaching their target or miss your chance at winning. In this fast-paced tunnel adventure, your team needs to work together by passing a ball through a series of challenging 3d obstacles while avoiding traps set by other players or accidentally going the wrong way. Can you complete the levels in the fastest time? Will you be able to get it right before anyone else does? Or will you be left behind because everyone else was faster than you? Try your best and see how far you can.

Let’s play a game. A really fun and exciting game that will get your heart pumping, increase your blood pressure and make you feel alive! It’s called tunnel 3d and it’s all about jumping. How many people can you fit into a single tunnel 3d? That’s right.. a whole bunch of you! There are three different tunnels available in this game – the standard one, the super long one or the hyper long tunnel. All of them have exactly the same objective: fit as many people as possible into one tunnel. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, if you played any of the other tunnels then you know it’s anything but! You have to be very careful where and how high you place your players because they could easily try to jump their way through the tunnel and end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The last player left wins but there are always new participants ready to join in on this crazy crazy game! Let’s play a game with your friends. 


How To Play Two Tunnel 3D

Instruction Game Controls: "A,D" and "Left - Right Arrows".

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